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For several months I have been posting my “Kattha-keetha kabaren” around the world in facebook, and judging from the reaction, it has caught on.  It is actually a compilation of the days’ weird news and quotes with my whacky take on them.


Here’s another one:


These are some of the golden and exceptional quotes but  I’ve attributed the take to a Swamy Dada (= SD)



“Your actions, your results, and the course of your life are directed by your thoughts.

And your thoughts are ultimately determined by who you truly choose to be”.


(SD: Exactly.  They do reflect my true persona)


Education is the ability to listen to almost 

anything without losing your temper 

or your self-confidence. 


(SD: Why, Did I ever claim education makes anyone literate, let alone knowledgeable, or that he should be humility personified without losing temper)



Love and you shall be loved.


(SD: All poppycock, these are meant for Love Gurus in Texas, London or Phillippines or Timbuctoo; of course I know how to make to love to as I have a brood and also I give advise on the best days of conception and how one should go about it)


“All people smile in the same language”…


(Me: How would I know because I perpetually sport a perpetual scowl in my face?)


Take time to laugh,

It is the music of the soul..


(SD: Pray, how does one laff and what’s laughter and how to land music?  Haven’t ever heard of it or done it)


Hard words break no bones

But they do break hearts.


(SD: A heartless soul, how would I know?)



A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.

 (SD: I am very comfortable coz every foul deed I do is with my approval)


(SD: Well, I have chosen)


Everyone you meet knows something you don’t know.

Be willing to learn from them.


(SD: No way: I am a know-all)


Rather than trying to find the right person,

Try being the right person.


(SD: Why ‘try being?  I have said it a zillion times from the rooftoop, I’m!),



As perfume to the flowers

So is kindness to speech.


(SD : What’s fragrance?  Being a muck-raker all I leave is stink)


Note: SD is a fictitious character and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely accidental, and those finding a striking similarity in anyone will be doing so at their own discretion.


I have already expressed my views several times that writing is a medium of communication and what you want to convey and whether you are able to convey your thoughts to the target audience is all that matters, and not your mastery or sophistry of how you well you put them in words.   I have had no in reservation in admitting that I am not a great writer, but fact is I have connected with a very large number of people around the world, if the feedback I receive is any indication.  A thappist turned liar turned saitan in the holy garb of a samy may congratulate himself writing in chaste Magna Carta-age English but few understand it.


Furthermore all religious texts are subject to interpretation, and every individual has a right to interpret it the way he/she sees it.  No-one can arrogate to himself, as a certain samy has been doing for years in these columns, the right to say his own version is the right one, and damn others calling them names with choice epithets.  For example, for the Hindus the holiest of holy scripture may the Bhagawad Gita, but it has been banned in Russia claiming it preaches extremism and hatred!  When this wolf-in-sheep-clothing goes on a temple-trekking spree in all-white dhoti and vibhuti smeared on his forehead, chest and forearm I am reminded of the cunning fatcat that went on pilgrimage having gobbled up 900 mice.

Yes, I know such imbecile swamys will have no friends, and even their dear ones would be cursing themselves for their unfortunate relationship with them.  But it would be my pleasure to post their profane outbursts against others whose views differ from the cockeyed ones of these self-anointed gurus, on the web so that their grandkids, and even kids, who are all members of the grand FB social netrworking site would know the kind of man he is.



I am neither pro- nor anti any isms.  Yes, I am kinda rationalist and reformist; I am neither pro nor anti any isms and I rarely write on religious issues. 


I reiterate no religion, per se, is bad.  It is the practitioners/followers often instigated and incited by their gurus, preachers – or by whatever you name call them – that give them (the religions) a bad name; the followers eventually turn fundamentalists/extremists/terrorists..  Religion is truly an opiate of the masses who, fueled by the intoxicant, cannot distinguish between right and wrong or what they do or not do.   If some of the faithfuls are extremist, tell me how different is this rabid nut with his inflexible views and dogmas?.


Now see what a lady wrote in to me a few days ago about a certain swamy dada..


i am a 57-year old brahmin lady with a family of children & G’children.
i write that to show that i am not a young-romantic brahmin girl. But I agree with that mail from that brahmin girl (from your blog) 100%.

Also that you get ‘brick bats ‘ of the cheapest kind if you write ANY truth about the brahmin community-like you did. I did & got the most shameful, arrogant, ugliest mail from one-******samy -who calls himself the holiest of all’ almost like pope in this iyer123 groups.
( but I did GIVE him good-in his own language).

Wondeful pixs..

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